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Main » Attention eskorte in Norway!
Please pay your attention that according to the laws enacted in the territory of Norway escort girls are not allowed to visit most of the hotels after 11 p.m. We kindly ask you to plan these visits in advance before 11p.m or visit the apartments in the city centre on your own.

In Norway there has been enacted a law introducing certain punishment for using escort services. For violation of this law a person is due to pay a fine or is imprisoned for half a year. If a girl was under age a client is imprisoned for the period up to 3 years. This law cosiders a crime only an act of byuing the services of escort girl but not service delivery. Similar steps were taken in Sweden. In the opinion of the supporters of this law such approach is more effective than prosecution of escorts.
Category: Attention eskorte in Norway! | Views: 2077 | Added by: Pretty | Date: 10.10.2013 | Comments (2)

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